Hello there friends I am Emily^.^

Youtubers are perfect | I post the creatures, achievement hunter, and most likely any other youtuber in existence because I like to waste my life | I also do the gaming thing |

**jae is perfect fight me**

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my laptop is hotter than me


wait a minute this isn’t my homework

this is tumblr

how did this happen

afternoonhendrix asked: hey! if you like youtube gamers i bet you'd like codeman! just search cody garnham on youtube and click onto the codemangames channel and hopefully enjoy! :)

I’ll check him out!

dextimusprime asked: NO that's you !! Perfect butt ❤️

Nope perfect ❤️

I’m alive ^.^ only one more week of band camp


this just in: gubbins is a real word who knew


haha seamus what a troll 


RYAN HAYWOOD & Social Media.

this is silly…

asscreed asked: what is your favorite shape


My butt


michael and gavin were my favourite characters in high school musical tbh

Dan’s inspirational thoughts during this summer. [Phil’s version]

  • Gus: On the podcast this week we have -
  • Lindsay: Lindsay Jones
  • Michael: Michael Jones
  • Gavin: Gavin Jones
  • Michael: No-
  • Gavin: Not yet...


if gavin’s a good boy maybe he’ll get an extra hour